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Initial Package Handling Fees

  • Letter Pouches/Packs: $2.00
  • Boxes up to 49lbs: $5.00
  • Boxes 50lbs and up: $20.00 per 50lbs
  • Crate/Pallet: $250.00 each

Secondary Package Handling Fees

Examples: From Meeting Room "A" to Meeting Room "B", Meeting Room to Guest Room, or Guest Room to Meeting Room

  • Flate Fee of $2.00 per box

Any items requiring special handling: examples: fork lift, refrigerated, dry ice, hazardous chemicals, or special security precautions.
Nora Arezina at:

When shipping to the hotel please address packages to:
Guest’s Name
B Resort
1905 Hotel Plaza Blvd.
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
ATTN: Arrival Date/ One Magical Weekend

** B Resort makes all reasonable attempts to notify guests of inbound packages. Packages not picked up or claimed are discarded after 90 days.
** Rates/Conditions subject to change without notice

Shipping Items Out: All items must be packaged/taped and have the appropriate labels filled out completely and a form of payment on them. Otherwise, the shipping companies will not pick them up. Please notify someone in banquets or security if you need an item shipped out. If the item requires special handling, you must make arrangements in advance!

For UPS pick-up, the guest must call and schedule it prior to giving the package to the hotel. Please give the pick-up confirmation number as well.

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A portion of each ticket benefits The Center of Central Florida
The Center of Central Florida | One Magical Weekend
The Center Orlando offers a variety of support and social programs. We offer AA, ALAnon, NA, CODA, CMA, HIV+ and Transgender support groups, counseling for individuals and couples at a reduced cost, and various social/support groups. The Center serves more than 15,000 individuals a year through its doors and over 8,000 a month online.